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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thank God I'm No Longer in Hell!

 The Idea of Dreadlocks
When the Africans saw a lion with its mane locked, matted, and knotted,
They knew that this lion was to be revered, feared, and dreaded!
Take note and take stock:
That's why the Africans came up with the idea of dreadlocks. --Jodi-Ann Walker

I've been VERY busy for the past...couple of years, which is why I haven't been able to update my blog regularly. In fact, I have something to do after this.

I'm a freelance writer. Writing is what I do for a living. It makes sense that I do this because I'm passionate about it. I'm only able to do things well when my heart (heart-brain) is into it.

During the long hiatus, I was given the opportunity to reflect and meditate on certain things that have always puzzled me. When I realize I'm able to get divine instructions and directions (as revealed to my intuition with the help of the heart brain), I recognize that I'm closer to the answers to the questions that I keep on asking myself.

One of the questions that I keep on asking myself is, why are religious people so mean? Why is it they ALWAYS pretend to be something that they're not? I get different answers for different situations and different contexts.

I remember the Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff song 'Time Will Tell' that I uploaded on this blog some time ago. A part of the song said, "Run come crucify the Dread." I don't wear literal dreadlocks. You may see a picture of myself wearing a weave but I only wore that because the church that I was born into (in Jamaica) wanted me back, and I knew it. They were waiting for me to be "re-integrated" into their church! So, I wore a weave and refused to wear my hair natural (since they wore their hair natural, too). I was ensuring that I wouldn't be "re-integrated." They're such hypocrites! They kicked me out but they want me to come back! They want me to come back on their terms but I will NEVER come back on their terms! I will NEVER compromise my values to suit them!

I have my hair in braids now. But if they ever think to reintegrate me again, I will wear that weave again! You see, when I put my Rhianna weave on and my mini dresses I was just doing the same thing that they are doing but in reverse! They put their church clothes and masks of hypocrisy on when they come to church and then take it off back again when they leave. I just put my Rhianna weave and mini dresses on, and let them think that 'I'm living in sin' when the hypocrites are living in BIGGER sin! And then take it off when they realize that I'll NEVER be re-integrated!

I will even take it one step further: I'll even try to find a dress similar to the one Rhianna wore to the CFDA Awards that were made from Swarovski crystals and see-through and even the black Balmain mini dress that have mesh inserts in it. I'll even wear the black see-through blouse that she wore at Paris Fashion Week couple seasons ago.Yes, I'll wear those and make sure to carry a gun so that nobody can rape and molest me. Yes...that's right because, listen, I's free now! And I don't want any re-integration. I NEED and WANT MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL EMANCIPATION!

I's free now! I likes being free. And I AIN'T going back to Massa dem house. I'm done with the plantation!

You see, since they tricked me into thinking that they were saved, I tricked them into thinking that I'm unsaved and.... "living in sin." Yes, I made them think that I was "living in sin" while they are LIVING IN HELL!

Dem so false so me mek a false move fi trick up Babylon! After that I went back to my braids, long skirts, and long dresses!

Here's a little snippet of my dub poetry:

Dem so false,
Dem so false an' faase inna people business
Dem so false,
Mi cyaah tek dem lie and tiefness.
Dem false an' faase,
Dem trickery naah go last.
Dem cyaah fool me fi far too long,
So mi mek false move an trick up Babylon!

Dem so false and faase,
Dem nuttin' but a farce,
Dem nuttin' but a fraud,
Dem lie an' tief oh my lord!

Dem cyaah fool I an' I fi far too long
Mi jus mek a false and fast move an' trick up Babylon!
Mi nuh waah no re-integration
Mi nuh only waah repatriation
Mi  waah spiritual and mental emancipation!

Yuh a try trick me, a who yuh?
Wha yuh nuh know is dat me quicka an'  fassa an' fasta  than you,
Yes, it's true!

(N.B.: Faase in Jamaican Patois means nosy)

I just want to make a note about repatriation. I'm not just talking about natural payment for the oppression and brutality caused by natural slavery. I ALSO talking about the devil and his agents paying back EVERYTHING that they have stolen from the people of God through mental, emotional, and spiritual slavery. And that's right...the devil uses the religious establishment represented by 'Churchianity' to do it! 

Just like I put on my Rhianna weave and Rhianna clothes and take them off, that's just how they put on 'Churchianity' and take it off again. That's right! That's 'Churchianity'. That's NOT REAL CHRISTIANITY!

 The fake, hypocritical people have ALWAYS dread me, especially those in church. And there are a lot of them in the churches ALL over the world! 

I've found out that they dreaded me because I tell the truth and I don't want to be fake and hypocritical (like them). I want to be real. But it appears as if the feeling is not so mutual as far as they are concerned!

I was dreaded at the church that I was born into because I spoke the truth whenever I got the chance to. I was too busy to care about what people thought or said about me. I was only doing what God was speaking to my heart brain to do, through my intuition.

I have nothing to fear because the Bible says the righteous is "as bold as a lion." I'm bold because I have the divine right to be bold! The religious hypocrites have to hide because they have many things to hide. That also means that they're cowards!

A dreaded lion was a lion that was too busy fighting and hunting to take care of his mane so it got matted. His hunting skills were so developed that the Africans dreaded and feared a lion like this one.

There is another dreaded lion of the tribe of Judah. His name is Jesus. He spoke truth and confronted the religious establishment of his day. Jesus came through the Davidic lineage and King David is of the tribe of Judah. Israel (who was once called Jacob) prophesied that Judah is a lion. Jesus didn't fear the religious establishment of his day. Jesus didn't fear those hypocrites. They came and crucified the dreaded of the tribe of Judah. His roar was too loud, bold, and courageous. But the joke was those religious hypocrites because said that he would lay his life down so that he could take it up again.

Jesus was also a Nazirite like Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist. These men were consecrated to God and they showed this by not cutting or combing their hair, drinking alcohol or anything with grapes (or eat anything with grapes), or touching any dead bodies or visiting any grave sites. The Rastafarians cannot cut their hair either. The Rastafarian Movement is, therefore, similar to the Nazirite vow in this respect. Nazirite comes from the word Hebrew word 'nazir' which means consecrated or set apart. The Nazirites long hair was a sign of their consecration to God. When Bob Marley sang "Jah will never give the power to a bald head," it actually means God will NEVER give His TRUE, REAL power to someone who is unconsecrated! God will NEVER His power to somebody who have no consecration, sanctification, and purification. And those old two-faced hypocrites in church don't know anything about that!

When somebody calls someone a bald head in the Bible it means that they have no spiritual covering. There children who mocked Elisha and called him bald head. Elisha cursed them "in the name  of the LORD." When that happened two she bears came from the woods and mauled all forty-two of the children. Elisha was a dreadful lion in the spirit, too. His mane wasn't natural, it was spiritual. And we all know lions are the kings of the jungle. Elisha's power stretched to the animal kingdom and affected that, too.

I was crucified by the religious establishment's hatred, witchcraft, idolatry, gossiping and rumor spreading. They attempted on several occasions to destroy my reputation while those hypocrites didn't have any for themselves. But the joke is on them because what they thought was my end was actually preparing me for a whole new beginning. God told me to fast for 6 days to be free from religious slavery and I did it. After that fast, I didn't expect to leave the church that I was born into in the way that I did, but I'm glad I got kicked out! This is because I'm NOW in heaven and they're STILL in hell! (Hint: Anywhere the religious, two-faced church hypocrites, fakes, and frauds are non-existent is heaven!)

That's why I uploaded the Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff song. I wanted to show that I'm not wasting anytime telling the religious hypocrites they should go to hell. Apostle Samuel Smith, the presiding bishop and apostle for the Apostolic denomination told THAT church that the lukewarm church(meaning them) is going to hell! I would say to Apostle Smith they're more than going to hell, sir--THEY ARE ALREADY IN HELL! And as far as I'm concerned, they can continue to STAY IN HELL!

You see, they have the mindset to be in hell. Their minds are set on being in hell. So they're already in hell. They're in a LITERAL hell, too. They just haven't figured it out yet. But, don't worry, TIME ALONE WILL TELL! Time will soon tell on them! They'll get it soon enough!

I'm happy to report that I have reconciled with my mother and she has apologized for things that she has done and said to me.

I would also like to report that I have a very good job (actually jobs) and I'm financially independent from family members who "sponge off" of me and don't want to work and I have a life free from selfish, self-centered parasites that don't want to take care of their responsibilities and want to live off of their family for the rest of their lives! You see, who doesn't have a job, doesn't take care of their responsibilities, live off of their children and have a girlfriend while they STILL have a wife, can't tell me to get a life! Those people need to grow a backbone and take care of themselves and their responsibilities, and not use that backbone to lay on a couch all day watching sports and sleeping when they should be working! In other words, a low-life form can't tell me to get a life! Yuh nuh hav a life so yuh caah tell mi fi hav a life! You need to have a life of your own! You can't tell me to get a job and you don't have one! You need to have a life of decency and integrity so that people can respect you and church people. But it seems as if it's too late as far as you and the religious hypocrites are concerned!

I will say this again: for all of those people who do stuff in the dark (such as stealing poor people's money, other people's intellectual property, other people's husbands, having sex with and molesting young girls, abuse their family, and in HOMOSEXUALITY) and then point fingers at other people can continue to STAY IN HELL! AND NONE OF YOU CAN EVER PREACH TO ME AGAIN! Continue to STAY AND ROT IN HELL because that's just where you belong!

I have added some lyrics to Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley's song. And it is dedicated to all of those people who choose to be wicked and remain in church. And, yes, there IS such a thing being a wicked and evil! I always believed that! My lyrics are highlighted.

Time Will Tell Lyrics
Jah would never give the power to a bald head
Run come crucify the Dread

Time alone, oh, time will tell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Time alone, oh, time will tell
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell

Back them up; oh, not the brothers,
But the ones who sets 'em up


Oh, ma,
Oh, ma,
Oh, ma children are cryin'
Oh, children, weep no more!
Oh, ma sycamore tree, saw the freedom tree
All you, have spoke
Oh, children, weep no more
Weep no more, children, weep no more!

Jah would never give the power to a bald head
Run come crucify the Dread


Yuh push di lion dem to di brink
Yuh kill dem off fi mek dem extinct
Yuh ol’ hypocrite a who yuh a try trick
God a give deh dragon deh a big ol’ kick!

Yuh try fi kill the dreadful lion
Fatha a go destroy yuh wid a rod a iron
Imma a go kick di ol’ dragon
Outta Zion

Time alone, oh, time will tell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Jah Jah inna heaven bruk yuh spell
Time alone, oh, time will tell
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell

Time alone, oh, time will tell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Yuh heart and yuh brain naah work well
Time alone, oh, time will tell
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell

Time alone, oh, time will tell
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell
Jah Jah a go kick di ol’ dragon inna hell
Time alone, oh, time will tell
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell

Songwriters: JIMMY CLIFF and Bob Marley 
Time Will Tell lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Amendment: This is another addition to the song that God has given me. Try to figure out what is being said. I will NOT say what it means:

America, you think your streets are paved in gold,
No, your gold has been given away--not sold!
It was used to pay off the debt,
There's hardly anything left,
Almost all of it has been spent!
Somebody asked, "Where all the gold went?"
Nutten nuh inna Fort Knox!
Jah Jah inna heaven give yuh a big ol' box!
That's what yuh get for trying to be a star!
And go out and fight unnecessary war!
Iraq said, "Yuh may start this,
But cyaah finish this,
So here comes Isis!"
Yuh cyaah pop style an' yuh cyaah pop yuh collar!
China, OPEC, and Russia don't want the US dollar!
This is such a tragedy,
People don't want your US currency.
You attack Jamaicans 'cause wi tell di trut 'bout homosexuality! 
Try an pop yuh color too!
But wi still naah si nor notice a fraud like a yuh!
Yuh mek sure fi set up and lock up Buju!
You're such a fraud,
Somebody hurry up and call the fraud squad! 
"Hello, fraud squad, I've been trying,
To tell someone that Obama BEEN LYING!"
We can see your intentions are evil!
You're not really for black people!
And you let the gay agenda oppress God's people! 
The truth made you bleeding and hurting,
That's why you attacked Donnie MacClurkin!
Yes, homosexuality is a curse.
You know what's worst:
You hearing this is not the first!
You have reached the end of the road.
Your style is just TOO cut-throat!
You push that gay crap down God's people's throats!
Your end is coming in a while!
Righteous people don't like your style!
America, you soon have to take your leave; I fear that Beast,
Located in the Far East.
I'm NOT trying to be funny,
Ah dem hav yuh money!
Yuh nuh hav nuh talk an' yuh nuh hav nuh chat
All dem indimidashun deh, yuh betta tek back dat!
You took away the visa 
Of Bounti, Queen Ifrika, and Sizzla
This verse may not please ya!
God is giving you a teasa,
You may not know it,
You may not show it,
But God has a story to tell,
You may think you're living heaven,
But really you're living in hell!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Articles on Seekyt, Squidoo, and Bubblews

For those who have been regularly visiting my blog and wondering why I have not been updating it recently, I would like to tell you that I have been busy researching and writing on other websites. On Seekyt, I have written the following articles: Fourteen Products You Need to Make Cloth Diapering a Success, The Types of Bio-Degradable, Compostable Diapers Which are Available, Types of Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers and The Benefits of Cloth Diapers and How to Clean Them.

The articles that I have written on Squidoo are Pink Sand Beaches in Bermuda and Pink Sand Beaches on Harbor Island in the Bahamas; How to Make Jamaican Ginger Beer in Two Styles ; and How to Make Jamaican Hot Chocolate (Recipe 1 and Recipe 2).

I have written an article entitled, How to Survive an Avalanche on Bubblews. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

20 Things that will Disappear from the Workplace by 2020

 The following link talks about what will disappear from the general workplace by 2020. Times are "a changing," and it's best to adapt to these changes than to fall behind.

20 Things that will Disappear from the Workplace by 2020

Six Steps to Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Author: Eve Delunas

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now
Copyright � 2005 Eve Delunas, Ph.D.
Inner Vision Resources

Are you a captive of your past? Or have you released the past
and liberated yourself from its hold on you? When you refuse
to allow your history to imprison you, you choose a path of
self-determination. Letting go of the past is your personal
"declaration of independence" from anything in your earlier
years that could limit your creative potential or prevent you
from living your best life.

How can you tell if past events are still having a negative
effect on you today? Here are three signs to look for:

1. Certain situations trigger extreme, out-of-control emotional
reactions. It feels as if you go on "auto-pilot" and have
little or no control over the way you feel or behave once
certain internal buttons have been pushed. For example, Marta
trembles with fear at the thought of asserting herself with
her boss, who overburdens Marta with an excessive workload.
Joe goes into a rage when he believes he is being accused of
making an error, however insignificant. Ben is consumed with
jealousy when he catches his girlfriend smiling at a stranger.

2. All of the logical solutions and practical approaches to
changing your out-of-control reactions have failed. Your head
may say "this is ridiculous" but you can't stop yourself from
over-reacting with anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, or
jealousy to a situation that just doesn't merit that kind of
emotional energy.

3. You keep making the same unhealthy choices over and over
again. Although you may vow that you are going to set a new
course, your default mode is set on self-destruct. You can't
seem to keep yourself from repeating the same mistakes-even
though you know better. Elizabeth continues to have
relationships with married men, despite of years of heartache
from other married lovers. Mark lies to his manager and
coworkers, although that behavior led to Mark's dismissal
from his last two jobs.

What can you do if you are under the negative spell of your past?
Here are some steps you can take which will neutralize the effect
that the past has on you:

1. Reclaim your power by refusing to think of yourself as a
victim. This does not mean you deny the bad things that have
happened to you. Rather, it means you embrace your wholeness
rather than your brokenness. Everything you have lived has
strengthened your psychological immune system. Recognize your
capacity to thrive in spite of the hardships that have come
your way, and watch your life begin to mirror your more
empowered sense of Self.

2. Retire your need to blame anyone-including your self-for
your present unhappiness. Blame only weighs you down with
unnecessary baggage that inhibits you from moving forward.
Release blame and feel yourself lighten up.

3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Everybody makes
them-that's how we learn. Stop berating yourself with your
so-called failures, and use that extra energy to create the
life you desire today.

4. Make peace with your past. If certain unpleasant memories
still hold a high degree of emotional charge, let a qualified
therapist assist you in healing those wounds to loosen the
psychological hold those traumatic episodes have on you.

5. Change the thoughts you entertain about yourself. Monitor
your mental landscape to avoid habitual, self-limiting ways
of thinking. When you catch yourself engaging in old thought
patterns like, "I don't deserve to be happy" or "I'm not good
enough," deliberately choose new thoughts that feel better to

6. Stop using your past as a point of comparison to your present
and future. No matter what you have lived before, today can
be different. Instead of focusing on how your life has been,
place your attention on how you want your life to be. Keep
your eye on the road ahead rather than the one behind you,
and watch your life take you to the places you have dreamed
of going!

As you let go of your past, you free yourself to live the life
you truly desire. Step into the Now, and discover the unlimited
potential for joy that awaits you there.

Eve Delunas, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author, speaker, trainer
Offers proven strategies to help you rise above your limitations
and soar. Breaking the Spell of the Past--Book and Guided
Visualization CD set. Take a FREE QUIZ to find out if you are
SPELLBOUND by your past. Download a FREE guided meditation to
relieve stress and feel more peaceful. Sign up for a FREE monthly
Go to:
Write to:
Occupation: psychotherapist
Eve Delunas, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author, speaker, trainer. Offers proven strategies to help you rise above your limitations and soar. Breaking the Spell of the Past--Book and Guided Visualization CD set. Take a FREE QUIZ to find out if you are SPELLBOUND by your past. Download a FREE guided meditation to relieve stress and feel more peaceful. Sign up for a FREE monthly ezine called AWAKENING INNER VISION: RESOURCES FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.
Write to:
Contact her at

Solutions for Shyness

Solutions For Shyness

Solutions For Shyness

Author: Royane Real
Most people experience some degree of shyness from time to time in certain situations. In fact, only about 7% of the population claims that they never feel shy. For the rest of us, shyness can range from being an occasional, minor inconvenience, to being a major problem.

Some people however, are afflicted with a degree of shyness so severe that it is almost disabling. This type of acute shyness is not only very painful to experience, but it can have devastating effects on a person's social life, happiness, and career.

Severe shyness is a complex mix of biology, upbringing, traumatic experiences, and negative self-talk. Severe shyness can co-exist with other debilitating psychological conditions such as low self-esteem, perfectionism, depression and anxiety.

Extreme shyness can take many forms, and can show up differently in different people. Some very shy people have problems being in large gatherings, yet feel comfortable in small groups. Some shy people only feel acute discomfort with persons they have just met, while others are never comfortable around people, even those they have known a long time.

Psychiatrists and psychologists use the term "social anxiety disorder" to describe extremely debilitating shyness. There isn't complete agreement about whether severe, disabling social anxiety disorder is simply a more severe type of shyness, or whether it is another type of disorder altogether.

Some very shy people are able to overcome their fears by learning social skills and practicing them frequently in social situations. Many also find it useful to gain some measure of control over their uncomfortable physical reactions such as sweating and trembling, by using special relaxation techniques and bio-feedback training.

Many very shy people deal with their extreme anxiety by simply avoiding any social situations that might trigger their discomfort. This may mean turning down invitations to parties and other social events, crossing the street in order to avoid running into someone they know, and even turning down promotions at work.

Although avoiding the feared situation may seem to the shy person like the perfect solution, it actually makes the problem worse in the long run. Every time a shy person chooses to avoid social interaction, he reinforces in his mind how much he fears dealing with other people. By choosing the short-term benefit of avoiding his anxious feelings, he reinforces the power that his fear holds over him

Psychologists who specialize in the treatment of shyness disorders have discovered that avoiding social situations can actually make the problem worse. Many psychologists who treat people afflicted by shyness recommend a program of repeated and gradually increasing exposure to the feared situation, combined with helping the client learn new ways of thinking.

Various psychological therapies have been used to treat extreme shyness, most of them with limited success. The most successful approaches use some variation of cognitive therapy, or behavioral therapy, or both of these, combined with graduated and increasing exposure to the feared situation.

In cognitive therapy, the patient is taught to notice the thoughts he is thinking while he is in the feared situation. The client learns to challenge his thoughts to see if they fit reality. If these thoughts do not match the reality, the client is taught to substitute more realistic thoughts in their place.

Behavioral therapy aims to change the client's behavior using a program of positive reinforcement of the desired behavior, and negative reinforcement of the undesired behavior.

Both cognitive therapy and behavior therapy focus on teaching the client to deal with situations and symptoms in the present. Neither form of therapy delves into situations in the client's distant past. Those forms of psychotherapy that attempt to deal with shyness by delving into the client's past history have not been shown to be effective. in cognitive therapy techniques.

There are many books that can teach the reader to effectively use cognitive therapy techniques for both depression and loneliness. If your case is not particularly severe, you can often learn enough from reading a book and doing the recommended exercises to greatly relieve your symptoms of shyness or depression. Dr. David Burns, one of the pioneers in bringing cognitive therapy to a wider audience, has written several very useful books and workbooks for the general public, including "Intimate Connections" and "Feeling Good--the New Mood Therapy."

In the past decade, researchers have discovered that some anti-depressant medications, particularly the so-called SSRI's (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), can also be very helpful in the treatment of extreme shyness. One of these SSRI drugs, Paxil, was the first to receive American F.D.A. approval as an effective treatment for social anxiety. In fact, ads for Paxil as a treatment for social anxiety have been marketed directly to the public, not just to doctors. Other anti-depressant drugs in the SSRI group are also believed to help in reliving social anxiety.

Does drug treatment for shyness really work? Some very socially anxious people have tried everything that regular psychotherapy has to offer, including cognitive therapy, yet they still suffer debilitating symptoms of shyness until they try SSRI drugs. In some cases, the improvement in sociability after taking SSRI drugs can be swift and profound. This class of drugs seems to help the socially anxious person turn down the excessive volume of their inner judgmental thoughts.

If you are shy or socially anxious, should you take a pill to make you more friendly? There are pros and cons to be considered when deciding whether or not to take a drug for social anxiety. The SSRI drugs can cause nervous agitation, insomnia, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction, as well as many other less common side effects.

Some doctors and psychologists are concerned that a normal human trait, shyness, has been declared a medical condition requiring expensive pharmaceutical intervention. Because the SSRI drugs are relatively new, it is not yet known what the long-term effects of this class of drugs may be. Nevertheless, the SSRI drugs are very widely prescribed, particularly in North America, for depression and social anxiety.

The difference in shyness experienced with drug therapy can be quite astounding, but it will likely last only as long as the drug is taken on a regular basis. When the drug is discontinued, the symptoms of shyness will likely reappear. With the proper psychotherapy for shyness, the positive results are likely to be long lasting.

In most locations it is easier to find a doctor who will prescribe SSRI medication to combat shyness than it is to find a counselor trained in the use of therapy effective in treating shyness disorders.

This article is an excerpt from the new downloadable book by Royane Real titled "Your Guide to Finding Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends" available at
Occupation: writer
Royane Real is the author of several self help books including