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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sandra Bland dashcam video: A side-by-side comparison

Sandra Bland's Arrest

Police Officer Ray Tensing body cam, Samuel DuBose shooting - FULL VIDEO

Saturday, June 27, 2015

So Much Things to Say

"So Much Things To Say"

Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Ooh yeah, yeah!
They (I've) got so much things to say right now;
They (I've) got so much things to say.
They (I've) got so much things to say right now;
They (I've) got so much things to say.

Eh! But I'll never forget no way: they crucified Je-sus Christ;
I'll never forget no way: they stole Marcus Garvey for rights.
All he did was tell black people that their destiny they should rule.
And tell them to learn their history and don't let nuh baddy tun dem inna fool.
I cyaah eva forget dat day
When deh di murda MLK
I'll never forget no way: they turned their back on Paul Bogle.
So don't you forget (no way) your youth,
So listen to mi when I tell you di truth
About who you are and where you stand in the struggle.

They (I've) got so very, so very, so very, so very, so very, so very,
so very, so very, so very, so very, so very -
everything they say - so much to say.
They (I've) got so much things to say, so much things to say.

I'n'I nah come to fight flesh and blood,
But spiritual wickedness in 'igh and low places.
So while they fight you down,
Stand firm and give Jah thanks and praises.
'Cos I'n'I no expect to be justified
by the laws of men - by the laws of men.
Oh, true they have found me guilty,
But through - through Jah proved my innocency.

Oh, when the rain fall, fall, fall now,
It don't fall on one man's housetop. Remember that:
When the rain fall,
It don't fall on one man's housetop.

They (I'm) singin': so very much, so very much, oh so very much,
so very, very -
They (I've) got so much things to say right now;
yeah, they (I've) got so much things to say.

Hey, but I'n'I - I'n'I nah come to fight flesh and blood,
But spiritual wickedness in 'igh and low places.
So while, so while, so while they fight you down,
Stand firm and give Jah thanks and praises.
I'n'I no expect to be justified
by the laws of men - by the laws of men.
Oh, hey through Jah to prove my innocency,
I told you the wicked think they found me guilty.

They (I've) got la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la;
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la;
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la;
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
- they "la" very much all the time.
America, lie, lie, lie all di time 

So much things to say, rumour about,
they got so much without humour,
they don't know what they're doin', yeah. 

Writer(s): Rita Anderson Marley, Bob Marley
Copyright: Cayman Music, Odnil Music Ltd., Blackwell Fuller Music Publishing LLC, Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd.

If you have been following my blog post, you know my writing style already. I almost always use song and verse to emphasize or accentuate a point. The above song, as you can see, was written by Rita and Bob Marley. This song is almost perfect but I added some words that I highlighted to show that I have SO much to say after the couple weeks that I was unable to write because I was so busy with my job. You know, I didn't cuss before in my writing or otherwise, but some people and situations have changed me. I thought that being a nice little girl would get me a reward, but all it has done was bring me heartache, and give people the right to abuse, ill treat, violate and bully me. Then I woke up out of my daze, and said that I'm tired of this bullshit. But more about that in my other post. 
Enough about me....It's time now to honor the nine people who were died or were slaughtered like animals in Charleston, South Carolina's Mother Emanuel AME Church. But they weren't the animals, the one who killed them was the animal. This animal called Dylan Roof took the lives of nine people after they accepted and welcomed him. After watching CNN, I found out that Dylan Roof started his journey of racial bigotry and hatred after seeing the George Zimmerman trial. This man killed Trayvon Martin, who was an unarmed teenager because he felt "threatened." And I am led to believe that he did this because of Martin's skin tone since he had no weapon to justify his feelings of being threatened. 

George Zimmerman, got away with murder...surprise, surprise. Trayvon's mother expresses her feelings in this article. But interestingly, Zimmerman's acquittal influenced Dylan Roof to go his twisted, morbid journey of hatred for black people after this acquittal, as was reported on CNN. I just wanted to make a note of this fact to show that institutionalized racism (which some people might call covert or subtle racism) is connected to overt racism. President Obama said in WTF podcast  something that I clearly disagree with. I'm going to paraphrase here. He said something to the effect that the conversation pertaining to race relations need not focus on determining whether or not using "Nigger" in public is polite or impolite, it is actually systemic or institutionalized racism (which he referred to as subtle racism). He also said that "covert racism" is on the rise. You can hear the podcast for yourself right here. He also mentioned this in his Eulogy to State Senator Pinckney, that you can read about right here.

I beg to differ with that statement Mr. President. You see, I'm of the believe that covert and overt racism is inextricably linked. That means that one cannot exist without the other. This also means that you can't focus on one type of racism at the expense of the other. BOTH types of racism need to be dealt with! When institutionalized racism made it okay for people to murder unarmed teenagers and for police men to do the same thing to people of color then overtly racist bigots like Dylan Roof are given the permission to do the same. It subconsciously and unconsciously gives them the permission to do so. I KNEW that all of the instances of police brutality against African Americans would lead up to this.

I'm of the opinion that although there are well thinking Caucasians living in America, who are not racist, the number is far too few. This is because the institutionalized nature of racism have allowed a majority of Caucasians living in America to racial biases, even if they are on the subconscious and unconscious levels. That was what Dr. Cress-Welsing was trying to say on the Phil Donahue Show that I talked about in my previous post. Racism is deeply embedded within the consciousness of the American people. Even people of color are taught to hate and be racially prejudiced against themselves, and they learn the lesson very well. They learn that if they have this attitude then they will get a reward for being this way.Let me tell you what I'm talking about. A black woman and other black persons actually want the Confederate flag to stay in South Carolina. I'm going to explain to you later what that flag represents. But I want to mention something about what that woman said about slavery being a choice. I don't know...this woman is so BRAIN WASHED and BRAIN DEAD that I'm actually lost for words! The Africans that were on the slave ships didn't make a choice to be there! There were taken by force from their homes, from their villages and placed on slave ships. This woman is doing this so that she can be an "accepted member" of a group composed of "primarily of white Southerners," as explained by the Washington Post article. It doesn't exactly say that, of course, but you can read in between the lines. Can somebody please say, "Sell out!"?

Yes, this stupid bitch is holding on to the same dutty bloodclaat that white supremacists like the KKK and the CCC hold so dear. Yes, she's holding on to the same flag of the same people--the KKK--who want kill all the black rappers instead of the 9 beautiful people who died in the massacre! And, you know, how thrilled I am speaking of the KKK and their ambitions to destroy ALL black people (you know I'm being sarcastic as fuck right!). I know America, you're the greatest country in the world for somebody but definitely NOT for people of color! America, you'll have to do a lot more than that to convince me that you're greaaaaaatest country in the whoooooole widdddde world!

Even good amount Caucasians living in America have enough sense to know that that flag doesn't represent freedom. If the people during the Civil War who carried that flag had won the Civil War, the Southern whites would have been free from the rest of the Union, but the blacks would have still been enslaved and working on the plantation for backra massa an di rest a dem. That woman holding on to dat dutty bloodclaat would have been numbered amongst the sheep, the goats, the donkey and the cattle as the planter's personal property. Karen Cooper (that woman holding the flag) would have been called "nigga," instead of being called her name. That's why I don't like that word, you know. I've studied enough historical texts and documents to know that when a planter calls a slave a nigga, it's like they're saying cow, donkey, sheep, goat. That word is dehumanizing. Some people argue that it's based on the context. I used to accept that argument but I don't anymore because now too many whites are using. I didn't always think that Glenn Beck was a well-thinking Caucasian, but I have to now because he said that NOBODY should be using the word "nigga" on CNN to Don Lemon.

Somebody (well, actually a random nobody that I don't even know in New York, who was a whitie) used it when she thought I didn't hear her because she saw my hair was growing out when I had the braids and didn't do it do it for while, and hardly any good 'hair braiders' were located near where I was in the States at the time. But I was using a fuck up hair experiment to test out white America because I did done know seh America did full a shit when dem seh dem fi equality. But mi soon tell di entire story. But let me tell you someting, anybody dat call me nigga will haffi pay dearly. Mi naah guh let dem get weh! A Jamaican mi name.Mi an di rest ah Jamaican people nuh put up wid shit from white people like di African Americans dem...especially not for over 200 years!

But you know,  although physical slavery as described by historical documents is not a choice, mental slavery is. That is why Marcus Garvey said that people should "emancipate themselves from mental slavery." And he also said, "None but ourselves can free our minds." African Americans can't sit down and wait to be mentally free. They have to learn to make the decision for themselves that NEED and MUST be free! African Americans, when will you say enough is enough. You might be free from plantation slavery but you're not free from institutionalized racism! You're not free from justice and penal system doing everything to incarcerate your ass even little or no evidence. The stories are too numerous of innocent black people who went to prison and even died for a crime that they did NOT do! When will you say enough is enough?!

Anyway, I just want Karen Cooper fi do mi a favor, cut yuh fucking locks because you cyaah wear dreadlocks and have deh flag deh at di same because yuh a nuh fi black people, yuh against dem! And yuh a motherfucking sellout! Karen Cooper, you might be free from plantation slavery but if more than institutionalized racism to contend with, you're one of the most mentally enslaved African Americans I've ever seen!

 Caucasians (and even some African Americans) learn this when they see and pick up various symbols around them that show that whites are superior blacks when they mentally process the institutionalized nature of racism in their country. Sometimes they don't have to pick up these symbols. The systemic racism present in the American society bombards the American citizens with these symbols and images. 

I have far too many things to say about institutionalized racism in America. In fact, it is getting so bad that America is not only rivaling apartheid South Africa, but it is also surpassing it. I mentioned educational apartheid in a previous post, but there is also economic apartheid in America. I will be quoting from one of the well thinking, non-racist Caucasians living in America. His name is Nicholas Kristof, a New York Times columnist. He said this in his article entitled, "When Whites Just Don't Get It" :
The net worth of the average black household in the United States is $6, 314, compared to $110, 500 for the average white household, according to 2011 census data. The gap has worsened in the last decade, and the United States now has a greater wealth gap by race than South Africa did during apartheid. (Whites in America on average own almost 18 times as much as blacks; in South Africa in 1970, the ratio was about 15 times).

Interestingly, Dylan Roof was pictured with a jacket having the old South African flag, which everyone was a symbol of racial division and oppression. But, yet, we don't see South Africa flying that flag and rubbing it up in people's faces! But here is America, once again showing up its grand hypocrisy flying the Confederate flag on the grounds of government building when it had the nerve to point fingers in the South African government's face. And it took the massacre of nine black people to bring  SOME of them down. 

I told you that I'm in the habit of watching CNN while doing my writing and I found out that there are people who are still bent...hell bent...on keeping the flag. One such person is Pat Hines, who is the head of the Confederation of the Southern League, said that the Confederate flag, the same flag that was one Dylan Roof's license plate along with others, represents "southern pride." Wow! I've never heard a biggest load of shit in my life! Southern pride! Southern pride! Southern pride, my ass! That's like Nazi Germany showing their pride for killing millions of Jews during the holocaust by flying the swastika on its government grounds in people's faces! They're proud of a flag that was used by the Confederate Army during the Civil War to signify that the South wanted to secede from the rest of the Union, and perpetuate slavery! That's something that you need to be ashamed of...not proud of! Slavery brutalized, ill treated, and killed millions of people just like the holocaust so don't even get things twisted!

Then America had the nerve to condemn Nazi Germany when it supports people that think like Hines by allowing his flag to be flown and not dealing with terrorist groups such as the Neo Nazis, the Arayan Army and the KKK that attack Jews, blacks, and other people that they think that they're not Caucasian! And if you're a black Jew, you're're really fucked...because everybody wants to destroy your ass!

It turns out that Pat Hines is not the only person that wants to keep the Confederate flag up on government grounds in South Carolina (which by the way, racist supremacist groups such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, and the Arayan Army love very much) but the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). This is also a white supremacist group, but it doesn't uses extreme methods to show its racism like the Klan, for instance. It's what some would call "subtle racism" like President Obama. But, you know, the covert racism of the CCC inspired Dylan Roof to write his racist and hateful manifesto, which is discussed here. So, you can see, once again, that link between covert and overt racism. 

The CCC does not believe in the mixing of races, as it explains on its website in its Statement of Principles. All you need to do is look at point number two. The site talks a lot about black-on-white crime, but black-on-black crime, which happens very frequently, especially in urban areas such as Chicago, New York, and Baltimore; and the white-on-black killings, which has happened repeatedly in previous weeks by persons in uniform leading up to Dylan Roof's killing. Oh, how convenient for them to leave ALL of that out! They had some members in 2000 who protested the move of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse . I also found out something about when this flag was hoisted up in front of the South Carolina statehouse. I found out from the trusted news agency, CNN, was put there DURING the Civil Rights Movement in the early sixties! Ohh! That's right! So when they hoisted up the flag on the grounds of South Carolina's statehouse during the Civil Rights Movement then that was America's way of saying to God, "Fuck you, God and fuck your dream for racial equality, too!" Oh do you remember that in a previous post? Did you remember that one! 

I found out that while I was doing research for a writing assignment of mine that God actually responded to that, and some of the journalist help to echo what He was saying, " No, fuck you America! And fuck your American Dream, too!" You know, God can move in mysterious (or mischievous) ways, He is performing wondrous works. I'm saying this because I wasn't even expecting to find this much information to verify that God did say this return to these defiantly racist assholes! I found these AFTER I wrote the blog post, Say Bye to American Pie, where I talked about the death of the American Dream NOT before!

I would like to direct your attention to Joseph Stiglitz's "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%" in Vanity Fair, Kelli Goff's "The American Dream is Dead and Good Riddance," in the Daily Beast, Cameron Smith's "Keeping the American Dream alive is your Responsibility and Mine" on,  Carol Morello's, Peyton Craighill's, and Scott Clement's "More People Express Uncertainty in Chance to Achieve the American Dream" in Washington Post, Stewart Lansley's "The Hourglass Society" LA Review of Books and this one is very funny, Grinnell College's  The B & S, (yes, it's called B&S but it ain't no bullshit because what they're saying cloaked in all of that humor is the truth), a satirical magazine wrote "American Dream Found Dead, Foul Play Suspected." 

You know, there's plenty where that came from but I didn't want to overwhelm you with all of the evidence right way to show that the American Dream is either being threatened, on life support, or totally dead. I will show more of the evidence when I'm talking about racial inequality in economics and link that to the shrinking middle class in America. You might not think that racial inequality affects everyone in America. Oh you might think that that's inconsequential to people who are Caucasian, you couldn't be more wrong about that! For one, racial inequalities and disparities embarrass America, and makes it look like a big, fat lying two-faced hypocrite!

Some might be saying this, "They're taking down the flag, stop being so hard on them, Jodi-Ann!" Yes, that's right. Yeah, I mean it LOOKS like America is finally making a change. But I said the same thing when it voted in Barack Obama twice in the elections, but the systemic racism remained. I'm sure that people during the Civil Rights Movement said the same thing, especially when the American government took steps to desegregate the South. But segregation STILL exists and persists...even in twenti-first century America!

And let me tell you something about the Confederate flag and our "good friends" the KKK...uhmm they're staging a rally in South Carolina to ensure that the flag stay up before they finish debating and finally decide to take them ALL down.Washington Post talks about it right here. Bwoy, in twenti-first century America, dem want fi fly dat dutty bloodclaat inna people face and God's face! Yes, it is bloody because that flag incited a lot of hatred and blood shed against black people. And, speaking of which, it's not just Emmanuel AME Church that is being attacked but other African American churches in the South, as German Lopez explains on Vox. Oh yes, America, you're racism is getting worse and worse and worse.

I will like to tell you all a little more information about that CCC group. I found out that that same group is considered to be a non-profit by the IRS. That means it doesn't pay taxes to the US government,and it is subsidized by the taxes of American citizens. This same "'social welfare group'" have been known to donate a significant amount of money to Republican candidates. I even saw on CNN that their spokesman say their role is to advocate for "white rights."

 And speaking of rights, I notice that gays in ALL 50 states got their right to marry. I knew that the gays will get their rights before black people. Everybody else always does! The fact of the matter is whether you're gay or straight in America, if you're black, you're fucked! I knew that the gays would get fi dem rights before black people! It nuh surprise me! I also heard on CNN that the American public is more accepting of same sex marriage than interracial marriage. After studying a racist ass country like America for a considerable period of time, I'm not surprised at all by that fact.

I wonda when black people in America will eva get fi dem rights? (Silence except the sound of  crickets...crickets...and more crickets). Eh? What happen? Onnu naah answa me? Well, Father God soon teach yuh just like how Him teach me that civil rights, or equal opportunities and rights for black people, is NOT the same as gay rights.

Wi inna Jamdown nuh nuff an extra like America but we contribute things to di international community, too. We were the first country to speak against apartheid in South Africa. We were the first ones to recognize that it was inhumane. Then countries like America decided to jump on the motherfucking bandwagon! Probably dem did do it 'cause dem nevah want fi look bad. Everybody did know seh deh racist already yuh nuh! But dem di a pretend fi support racial equality! But dem nuh support dat! Dem a big time hyprocrite!

Yeah dem seh dem a advocate fi white people rights. Dem nuh haffi waste nuh time advocate. Fi dem ting done set already! Di ting and di system (or di shitstem) set up fi dem already. But black people advocate and shout "Hands up, don't shout!", "I can't breathe" and "Black lives matter" till dem throat dry and hoarse, and all now no racial equality!

Di most black people can expect is fi si one tired, old flag come down off a one pole! Yes, that flag has a lot of significance, and it SHOULD and MUST come down! But that's not enough, as the well-thinking, non-racist Caucasian New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristoff said in his article, "Tearing Down the Confederate Flag is Just a Start"  .You know, I can't help but think what would stop the Confederate flag from going up back again on the grounds of South Carolina's if the forces that influence institutionalized racism are not confronted and dealt with? Nobody stopped the resegregation of the South. And let mi tell yuh someting: it's not just di South dat segregated. The North is segregated, too.

I was on a J1 visa working ONLY in the Summer in the northern state of New Jersey. And God know mi only do dat cause mi couldn't do nuh betta (and dat's why many West Indians work in America, but dem can do betta, dem hurry up and bolt outta fasta dan Usain!). Mi did only work up deh cause mi did waah fi help pay mi college tuition. I notice that at the place that I was working the only white woman there was acting like she was more superior to the rest of non-whites even though she was on the same level as the rest of surprises there! If you know me by now, you know that I wasn't going to take that shit, right?

I was going to a work training session, and that branch of the business place was in a nice neighborhood with a nice baseball park, nice houses, nice everything! I also noticed that there was only nice white people living there. Even the CVS Pharmacy looked nicer and better products in there than the neighborhood where my aunt lived with mainly black people there. That neighborhood wasn't as nice as this one.

My co-worker who was an African American was driving me to the training session, and I couldn't help but say this to her: "You know what I notice about your country?" She said, "What?" "Your country is racist," I said. She asked me why I said that. I told her about the differences between the neighborhoods. She then said, "What about your country? Doesn't it just have black people down there?" And I said, "Yes." I thought to myself, wow she said that like it was a bad thing. She was racist against her own race, but I understood because she was trained by the shitstem in her country to be like that.

When I see the segregation in the US I have to say to myself, "Let me gwaan batta batta wid did bad road dem! Cause mi have bad road inna fi mi community but mi nuh live in subsidized housing. Mi nuh pay rent, mi pay mortgage. An inna fi mi community mi have a netball/basketball court, a football (soccer) field and a cricket pitch. An wi have a sitting park, too. At least mi live inna a country dat not going to treat mi as second class citizen because mi nuh white!"


Then Katrina happened. She then told me that how the authorities responded to the black people in Louisiana was racist. I didn't want to tell her that I told her so but...I told her so. I was in America when Katrina hit Louisiana. It's sad to say, but how the authorities treated the African Americans in New Orleans didn't surprise me.

It's same way I feel about the nine beautiful, wonderful lives that were massacred by this monster! It's no surprise that all of the innocent black  The news agency at first humanized this monster, as DeRay McKesson explains to Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter.

Some even refuse to call this animal a terrorist! The man threatened the leadership of America by saying that he wanted a race war in his so-called manifesto. If a Muslim, we wouldn't hear the end of it. Yet he's not terrorist. My sistren, a Nigerian-British cosmetic scientist, Florence Adejapou (nickname is Flow) feels the same way, as shows in this cartoon on her Tumblr blog.

Say it with me: terrorism.
(via d-pi)

Do you notice a trend here? When a person of color does anything, they are immediately demonized and dehumanized. They're called thugs and ALL manner of evil. They're even called the axis of evil! Wow! It's very ironic that the very definition of evil can call others the axis of evil, but never mind that now. I'm focusing on the nine victims of the Charleston massacre today.

Dylan Roof, the people who welcomed you to that bible study and forgave you even after you brutally slaughtered their friends and family members, are more human and more humane than you'll ever be! Those people in that church are superior to you, and you're inferior to them! In fact, you're not even three-fifths of a human being, you're not even one-sixth, or one-twelfth, you're a big motherfucking zero! You're a monster! You're a cold, blood thirsty, motherfucking monster!

Here are the lyrics to the rap song "Monster," that I have amended as well as the video. Of course, you already know that the words highlighted in yellow are mine. You'll see that highlighted some of  Jay-Z's part in red that I don't agree with and don't represent me or what I stand for. Those lyrics are talking about black-on-black violence. I actually think that his lyrics are the most despicable compared to all the other rappers. He liked his "Hard Knock Life" song. I like this song because it will deal more with social commentary. And even his "99 Problems" song was good for the most part. I wished that he had continued in the same vein, but, you know, the music industry has a way of changing people.

Some of Kanye's lyrics were good, especially the part about the future, present, and past showing time as a continuum. It's hard to rhyme sarcophagus, but it was sexually explicit. I highlighted the parts that I don't agree with in red. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Nicki Minaj's lyrics were explicit too but I allowed those to stay, and didn't amend them because I wanted to make a point about molestation and sexual violence against women, and what women should do in response to that to defend themselves.Her lyrics and video also appear to comment on, mock, and criticize the highly sexualized presentation of women in the media and pop culture in general....But I'll talk about that in another post. There's just so much things to say right now.

But before I move on, I will like to say this one thing. As I said before, I didn't cuss. I was too nice and decent to cuss. I came from a religious and hoity toity background, and cussing was a sin in those parts. But God wants me to express myself in this way because He's tired of the fuckery so the righteous indignation that He has is now rising up within me and is expressing itself in my thoughts and writing. These racist and child molesting, raping motherfucking monsters have blasphemed and cursed God so God is doing the same to them through me. God has taught me that you can use your enemies words against them as a weapon and a defense mechanism. Beverly Johnson did that after she cussed Bill Cosby and called him motherfucker several times after he drugged her drink. And guess what he is a motherfucker! He got upset and called a taxi and took her home. I believe that if she didn't do that then she would have been raped! That was her defense mechanism. It is ALSO mine!

Oh Bill Cosby, by the way, is against using cuss words but he's not against drugging women and raping them! That's bullshit! Well, Bill Cosby aren't you motherfucking bastion of self righteousness! You're the one that's motivating the other motherfucking monster, Dylan Roof, for killing black people. You're a motherfucking monster, Bill just like him! Not only that, you're a liar, a narcissist and a sociopath! And you had the nerve to put down African American people, fuck you, Bill, fuck you! Shut the fuck up, Bill! You're a motherfucking, self-righteous asshole!

Bill when you spit in God's face is like spitting in the sky and when you spit in the sky it will fall right back in your eye! So better leave God's business alone and leave God's people and creation alone. A lot of black men would like to have what you have but the shitstem is against them but there's a few black people who make it out but a majority of them are still oppressed by the shitstem! They would love to be able to take care of their families like and Dr. Huxtable, but they can't because they're so oppressed. Many of them don't want to be locked up but they are though...even though some of them are innocent and undeserving of their sentence. A lot of black people in America would love to be able to live in a town home like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show but they can't because of the racist housing policies and the gentrification process that malign and alienate them! Many African Americans would love to be educated like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show but many of them are forced to receive sub-standard education, even worse than what some third world countries are exposed to. God is allowing that spit to fall back in your eye right now for raping and drugging all of those women, and accusing black men! God is allowing that same spit to fall back in the racist, judgmental, hypocritical, two-faced Americans' eyes...even now! So you better leave God's business and God's creation alone because He is the One Who created it! Stop interfering with God's creation!

Bill Cosby is just like some church people that I knew. Cussing is a sin! Oh gee! Oh no! They say how could you do that?! But yet they can cheat on their wives, steal poor people money, lie, connive, rape and molest young girls... and oh...yeah...join secret satanic societies...all while they're in church! If they're a Christian, I'm a Christian, too! In fact, mi a more Christian dan dem! Mi a live betta life dan most a dem! Si di song yah!

I need to make one more point about the Confederate flag before I move on. As another well-thinking, non-racist Caucasian, Shane Ferro said in his article, "The Confederate flag debate is over,"  , the South lost the Civil War, and they need to get the fuck over it! The Confederate flag is something that the entire America should be ashamed of! And then America as a nation as the nerve to expect the whole fucking world to congratulate them for doing something that they should have done a long time ago! Germany took its swastika and South Africa  took down its old flag. And this monster reminded everyone when he had it pictured on its clothing. A South African journalist, Tauriq Moosa, had to tweet that he was "'nauseated'" by the "'fucking thing,'" as mentioned by the well-thinking, non-racist Caucasian, Ferro quoted in his article. He even had the flag of Rhodesia (which is now Zimbabwe) pictured on his clothing. Rhodesia, as a British colony, had problems with racism, too. This was especially the case during the mid-sixties and late seventies.

Everybody in the world has moved on when it comes to race relations. But not America! Oh no! Everyone is saying, "Yes, there's a lot more that needs to be done in terms of race relations in America, but it's s good step in the right direction." This coming fourth of July America is going to be 239 years old as an independent nation.  I have a little trivia question to ask you, what it is roughly the time that it takes for a major civilization to reach the period when they start to decline? The answer is approximately 200 years! Oh, don't take my word for it. Let the European historian, Alexander Fraser Tytler, explain it to you:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage. --Quote from Good Reads 

Well based on what Tytler is saying, it appears as if America is on borrowed time. This means America, you don't have another 200 years to get your shit together! No, you don't. No you don't have forever and a day to get your act together. As I said before, you are on borrowed time. Yes, yes,'re fortunes will soon turn, turn, turn, turn. And for all the racial injustices, disparities, and inequalities you've caused, you'll now burn, burn, burn, burn, burn. You'll also burn for your sodomy, too! I haven't left that one out. Don't fool yourself, America! No civilization has last that supports same-sex because there's no reproduction in a same-sex relationship. China and India, the two countries that growing economies are kicking your asses now in science and technology, both have growing populations. You think that you can continue (at the rate that you're going) to be the Super World with those two countries having such a massive, educated labor force that's in demand all over the world! I don't think so! America, you're shooting yourself in the fucking foot! But for all the things that you do to black people, you deserve to shoot yourself in the fucking foot!

The Byrds' song, "Turn, turn, turn, turn" was a number one song in 1965. The song is based on a scripture written by King Solomon. The scripture is found in Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The song copies the scripture almost word for word except for the last line. But before you watch the video and look at what I've done with the lyrics, I want to bring your attention to another scripture. This scripture is found in Ezekiel 16: 49. That scripture talks about the major sin committed by Sodom, which was not taking care of the "poor and needy." Many of the people of color in America, which include black people, are poor and needy because institutionalized racism and segregation ensure that they stay that way! That's your major sin, America. Homosexuality, child molestation and other sexual abominations are priming America for judgment right now! The sexual abominations are pushing America over the edge of judgement but racism classism, and gender biases are the REAL causes of America's judgment just like it was for Sodom and Gomorrah. I'll give you some other scriptures. Prophet Isaiah told the people of Israel that they need to hear the "word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom; listen to the law of our God, you people of Gomorrah" (Isaiah 1: 10 [New International Version]). The prophet then went on to subtly list out the sins of Sodom by telling them that they need to seek "justice,"  "relieve the oppressed" and defend "widows [or single mothers] and orphans [or children growing up without a father]" and "help those in need" (Isaiah 1: 17 [Contemporary English Version & 21st Century King James Version]). So, reading in between the lines, the REAL reasons for Sodom and Gomorrah's judgment was social injustice and oppression!  The sexual abominations, as I said before, just pushed things over the edge for Sodom and Gomorrah.

You see, God is a merciful God. It takes a lot to push Him to judgment. And, boy America, you've been busy over the centuries pushing God's buttons! The process of pushing God to judgment is what we in the prophetic world, the science of judgement. Let a fellow prophet to the nations, Jonathan Hansen (Psst...he was the one who prophesied the 9/11 attack in March of that same year) tell you all about it from his book, "The Science of Judgment."

For those of you who don't have time to go through the video, let me tell you in simple terms what the science of judgment is. Apostle John in the book of Revelations, Prophet Isaiah in the book by his same name and Prophet Jeremiah all talk about the cup of wrath, the cup of fury or the cup of God's indignation. You see, when this spiritual cup is filled to overflowing with the sins of a nation that is when God judges a nation. It doesn't happen when the cup is half full, three-quarters full, or even filled to the brim. God judges a nation when it this cup of judgment overflows. And when it overflows America, God doesn't drink from that cup! Oh no! The nation that committed the sin drinks from the cup. Another prophet to the nations, Jeremiah, was charged to force the very wicked nations to drink from the cup of wrath in Jeremiah 25: 15. Yuh see, all of dem tings deh yuh oonu shove down black people and people of color throat, America, oonu going to end up with that shit shoved down your throats!

I don't have the time to re-write more than the chorus of the Richie Loop, a Jamaican artiste's song, My Cup. Here it is:

[New Chorus]

America, what's in your cup
is... not... staying in your cup,
Soon that shit is gonna make yuh throw up!
Your drink is... not... staying in your cup!
Soon that shit is gonna make you throw up
What's in your cup...what's in your cup
Is gonna make you throw up!
Is gonna make you throw up!
What's in your cup...(Hey)
What's in your cup...(Hey)
What's in your cuuuppp...(Hey...Hey)
What's in your cup is not staying in your cup
(So you betta drink up)
What's in your cup
 is...not... staying in your cup,
Soon that shit is gonna make yuh throw up!
What's in your cup is not staying in your cup!
So, America, hurry up! Drink up! Bottoms up!

Oh yes, it takes a science to piss God off because God is not easily pissed off. He's very slow to anger. But America you have got that science down pat. You have TURNED the ability to make God angry into a science. You have made God so angry that He's now cussing you and using cuss words against you. The racism, the classism, the misogyny, the various social injustices along with sexual deviations like child molestation and homosexuality have pushed God to cuss you out!

White male gays (middle- and upper class) are not oppressed people and I'm gonna prove it to you. They're just using black people's push civil rights to place the emphasis on what they want! Dem done shout, "Black lives matter!" with black people. Dem get what dem did want now! Because as I said before the system set for them already and except for the marriage issue fi dem life was honky dory. Dem nuh need black people anymore. Now, their life is perfect now! But that Supreme Court ruling means nothing for people of color, who happen to be gay (or straight) because dem life still fuck up in America! Gays, are going to get married? So what? The white gay couple will always have things better than the black gay couple. Firstly, they're going to earn more money (especially in the creative industries) and live in a better neighborhood. Wow! There's so many things to say right now about American institutionalized racism!

Here's the video for the Byrds' "Turn, Turn, Turn" and the amended lyrics.

 African American people yuh betta tun yuh roll and tun outta destrucshun because dat a weh America a head fah right yah now!

Yuh waah know what dat mean! Some of you have to turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, a citizen of another country. That means that some of you will have to acquire dual citizenship status or, at least become a resident another country. Some of you have to turn, turn, turn, turn, turn and get another passport. So you're getting my drift, you'll have to leave the country. But before you do make sure to place your money in tax havens. God says the best ones are found in Switzerland. You can try Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Bermuda, too. This is because the US government will begin seizing citizens assets to pay off its debt.  That means too you need to buy or build a house somewhere else. You'll have to buy some metal currency, such as gold and silver, because the US currency is going to turn, turn, turn, turn, turn to shit. Even now some countries have been meeting behind America's backs to replace the US currency as the trade currency. That means they want to change the US dollar with another currency to trade and business in other nations. Well, if I'm full of shit and you don't believe me then you don't have to do nothing. But prevention is better than cure. So don't prepare for this great economic collapse AND dictatorship at your own risk. Yes, the days are coming that people won't be coming to your country but will be leaving it...IN DROVES, especially the black people! And now you'll know what a black flight feels and looks like America! Then yuh going to know a who did help mek yuh rich and successful! But if you believe that I'm a false prophet then you don't have to do anything. But even if I'm bullshitting you, still prepare. If I were you, I would feel better to prepare than not to do anything at all!

God will have me to say to you that Him warn me yuh nuh when I was watching CNN and mi si di white people dem and black people dem ah sing "Amazing Grace" in front ah Emanuel AME Church. Dem put on a big show and a act all kum by yah for all of the cameras to see that they're for equality. That's what always happen wid yuh, America. When people tink dat oonu mek some progress wid race relations, oonu come back and erase dem! ALL a di Confederate flag dem should a tek down...LONG TIME! But dem a have debate sah...even afta di nine people dem dead inna cold blood. One well-thinking Caucasian woman went up on a flag pole and tried to tek it down, and dem arrest har. Mi nuh weh a gwaan inna America right a now! Dem seh dem a home a di free and land a di brave sah. But nuh everybaddy free up deh so and if yuh brave enough fi try a ting den dem arrest yuh. You see, the institutionalized racism in America requires that everybody falls in line with it. If there's little or no conformity to the rules that govern institutionalized racism then the system (or shitstem) penalize you, EVEN if you're white. That's why people who call whites who marry blacks "nigga lovers" and then much of American white society treat like them like pariahs. That's because they're not falling in line! If you're white and living in America, you're supposed to stage a white flight when you see all of those black people rushing into your schools, churches, and neighborhoods. You have to fall in line with the shitstem! Based on a CNN poll conducted recently 57% of Southerners see the flag as representing "Southern pride." Well, it seems as if at least 57% of Southerners already fall in line to deh shitstem deh!

It is because of the shitstem or institutionalized racism that whites find it hard to not be racist on even the unconscious and subconscious levels. By the way, subconscious and unconscious racial prejudices and biases are the reasons why it so hard to make any real lasting change in America when it comes to racial equality. Just because these racial biases operate at the unconscious and the subconscious level doesn't mean that America doesn't have a problem with race relations. But it does mean that the problem is harder to diagnose and pinpoint. When the problem is difficult to identify then it is difficult to deal with and solve.

It is also very difficult for white persons in America to reject a system that daily boosts their egos by showing that it is superior to other ethnic groups. Also, the majority of white Americans find it even more difficult when they are made to receive benefits, rewards, and privileges (irrespective of the fact that this is done at the expense of others) based on this so-called superiority.

Another well-thinking Caucasian woman, Hilary Rodham Clinton said that Confederate flag should NOT be "flying anywhere!" But some a dem a still fly same way. So mi nuh know what di fucking hold up is about! America, is a fucking alternate universe when it comes to race relations. Everybody tek down fi dem racist flag and dem still a fly fi dem own!

God seh "Dem soon tek a TURN fi di worse!" An si deh now, yuh TURN and burn up di black churches dem inna di South. Yuh lef di white churches dem alone but di black ones dem bun up. The Governor fi South Carolina tink seh people a idiot an a mek people tink seh all a dat happen by coincidence! And they don't know if it's "racially motivated." Dem nuh know but everybaddy else except fi dem seem fi know. Dem a seh dat because dem nuh want di worl' fi know seh dem racist. Yeah, because dem tink seh di worl a idiot!

America, nuh have any more grace. And I soon discuss dis later on. There's just so much things to say right now about you, America. So many things to say. I hope yuh understand that all of these acts of police brutality and the killings of these nine beautiful lives in that church, which included Senator and Rev. Pinckney, all suggest one thing: the forces that govern institutionalized racism in America don't really want to kill these black people. They want to kill Obama and his family but they can't because of the divine and natural protection over their lives. It's really President Obama they want to kill along with his family. Obama saw himself in that coffin when he saw Senator Pinckney's corpse as he gave that eulogy! That's why America grace finish. It's done. End of the line, America! You're racism is so out of line!

If Tytler's predictions are correct, it appears as if America won't remain as a democracy but will become a dictatorship. Yeah, a dictatorship! Yes just like the other countries that America has detested such as Russia, China,Venezuela and Cuba. You don't believe that you're increasingly becoming like Russia and China. Okay, let me prove it to you. America has taken prayer and Bibles out of school and actually almost every other public domain or sphere. China and Russia do the same thing too, America!

Well, I thank God I had the civil liberty in Jamaica to read my Bible in school and to pray openly and nobody couldn't seh nuttin' to me or to anybody else who does the same thing! I thank God that myself and other citizens in Jamaica can mention God without anybody looking at them cross-eyed and strangely like they're come from another planet. Hmm...just imagine me a hide fi read mi Bible inna school cause mi nuh waah ol' dutty Babylon fi come an tek it weh from me!

 Black people in America used to dictatorship, too. African Americans dem used to bondage and oppression. I touch on the bondage and oppression in this and other posts. African Americans are also dictated to by the American society as to what they can achieve, do, have and even where they can live.

You know before I move on and dish out all the dirt that I've found out about institutionalized racism in your country, I have a confession that coincide with these these fourth of July celebrations you're having now. I have dirty secrets in my closet that I would like to expose.(Sigh). How can I say this? I  thought I was only related to liberators and freedom fighters...but...I've found out I'm related to oppressors, too. I'm not just related to Queen Nanny of the Maroons, people...but I'm who...came on the Mayflower and landed on Plymouth Rock in Virginia! I also found out that I'm related to the Sheriff of the Sherwood Forest that Robin Hood used to fight against because he oppressed poor people with exorbitant taxes. Oh fuck no! I'm related to someone who oppressed poor people and people who created the country that is oppressing black and other colored people, not only in their country but worldwide! I'm even related to slave traders!

Oh well! I'm relieved now. I feel like a burden have been lifted from off of my shoulders and I can finally breathe now because I've come out of the closet and air my dirty secrets and bore my soul to you all. Haaa! I feel much better now. I can continue to side with the liberator side of my family by fighting for oppressed people's rights, especially black people's rights, now.

Aren't you happy for me people? I've finally come out of the closet! Yes, gays are NOT the only ones that can come out of the closet. And, yes, I was born in Jamaica but I'm related to other people who came from other countries, included America. I am a mixed race individual. But many of the pro-American sentiments I had in the past are systematically changing to anti-American sentiments. No, I don't envy America and Americans, especially not as a black person. I'm living in black man's paradise! I had a US visa and I don't care to renew it. What's the point of  renewing a US visa when onnu a guh bun up anyway? The US embassy change dem address inna Jamaica. Weh dem used to be dem di have some cool shade fi shield yuh from di sun, but dem deh a one location weh yuh haffi stan up inna sun hot all day! Dem have all wall built up very high and a metal door and one metal grill. Mi did see di Chinese embassy and it look almost di same way but dem neva have no metal grill and no guard a stand up outside. So, I guess in that way, you're like China, too.

But, you know, China in other ways is better than you when I come to think about it. Besides having an embassy out here, China has a benevolent society. Yeah, imagine that America, China has a benevolent society out here, and you don't have any here. Wow! The building is very nice and open and welcoming. Every time I pass the Chinese Benevolent Society out on Hope Road, the gates, most of the times, are open for all. You know what is also very funny the Chinese Benevolent Society is just couple minutes way from the US Embassy that is in the Liguanea area. The walls are high in some sections, but low in some sections, and beautifully decorated because they don't fear black people to shut them out all together.

But America, yuh cyaah shut China out because they find away of entering your government agencies' computer systems. I even heard an official on CNN say shamelessly that he has got to hand to China for being able to hack into the American government's computer systems. He just wished that Americans could do the same. You know, America would have had the opportunity to have brilliant minds working against the Chinese in cyber warfare but America's racial discrimination has allowed them to shoot itself in the foot once again. You see, some years ago it was reported that Asian students were being rejected by Ivy League schools in America based on their race. These same students had to file a lawsuit against these schools. Yet an idiot like George Walker Bush can get into Yale...with ease! Well, America, China found a way for you to pay dearly for that over, and over, and over again! Bwoy America, dat's why nuhbaddy nuh like oonu! Oonu nuh live good wid nuhbaddy! But China live good wid we though!

There are other ways that China is better than you. And don't botha let me draw mi tongue and prove to oonu dat dem betta dan oonu! You are so precise and exact wid yuh affirmative action in your universities so your creditors your precise and exact wid yuh, America!

Well, I guess this is all in preparation for your dictatorship. And more preparations going on behind the scenes that you don't even know anything about. But in Jamaica, we have a proverbial saying that says, A nuh every ting good fi nyam (eat) good fi talk."

I'm not sympathetic to the white gays because they discriminate against blacks (gay or straight), especially in the creative industries. I will name one such industry: the fashion industry. Since America like to play games with racial equality, I have a game to play with you. It's called "Spot the black model." I want you to take a look a some links at Moda Operandi, a high fashion website. I want you to look at the Rosie Assoulin,  Monique Lhuillier, Vivetta Resort, Marchesa Resort , Naeem Khan Resort , Maticevski Resort , Giambattista Valli Pre- Spring  trunkshows for 2016. You will know that there black models in only TWO of these trunkshows. One is Rosie Assoulin, which is a designer brand that Lupita Nyongo'o has worn several times in the past. She saw black models wearing it so she knew it would also look good on her. Another designer is Giambattista Valli has black models in that trunkshow, too. Every other trunk show is filled with just white models. Play this game again using images from Look at Alexander McQueen Resort Fashion Show for 2016, for instance. Then after you're done with that, look at the Badgley Minka Resort Fashion Show for 2016 . Then when you're done, please take a look at Burberry Prorsum Resort 2016 . Of course, I used the most recent fashion shows to prove my point. Please bear in mind that resort fashion shows are usually small but they ALWAYS choose a white model, and there are so many others like those I've shown you. I'm not going to blame the fashion designers because they're not always to blame. Sometimes there are so busy they don't even choose the models, but, at times, they do make the final decisions. Also, the people who do the choosing are hired by them who are called casting directors. They help to choose the models. And they ALWAYS choose the white models. Based on my personal observations of the industry over the years, these creative professionals are often gay AND white!

I watched cable again and when Tyra had her talk show, her mother said that people had the nerve to say to her daughter that they would hire except she's "black." And just imagine, the fashion industry has all of these white gays that pack up in there like sardines in a can.

One excuse they always come up with is they choose the white models for creative expression. That's bullshit! You can do the same thing with black models and other models of color. Frankly, if people like Bethann Hardison, Iman, and Naomi Campbell weren't on these people's asses then the situation would have been far worse.

 In fact, the Hadley Freeman explains in her article that although the situation improved with more models of color being featured at runways in New York and London, that improvement was very slight. She mentioned that many casting directors and designers favor white models because black customers don't usually have the cash to shell out for high end fashion items, just to paraphrase what Freeman was saying. Bullshit again! Blacks, especially the ones who have connections in both the UK and West Africa, always buy designer brands. Persons of Middle Eastern descent buy designer brands, too. The customers buy designer brands is a rather diverse group of people, as Freeman explains. So that's another lame ass excuse.

Another lame ass excuse is that models on the cover of magazines don't sell. The Guardian article, "Does lack of black models on cover of British Vogue amount to racism?" explains that if a black model isn't given the chance to appear on the cover of a top fashion magazine for say...uh...12 years, like in the case of UK Vogue, who allowed Jourdan Dunn to appear on its February 2015 cover, then you can't determine if it will sell well or not. Furthermore, this excuse is an "insult to consumers to fashion magazines," as the article said. I know it's an insult to me!

Wow, the fashion is so full of shit. They have yet another lame ass excuse for their racism. They say that it's the celebrities that are replacing the models. However, The Guardian article explains that in 2014, "only two celebrity models were used compared to only seven white models."  Kate Moss, a white model, (the same bitch that made anorexia and bulimia popular) did "3 covers in 2006 alone" and Cara Delevingne was on her second cover for 2015...ALONE! While top black models, like Jourdan Dunn, who was featured in Prada, Burberry, and Givenchy campaigns had to struggle to be considered, let alone be, on the cover of a magazine like Vogue. In fact, I believe that it was this article, done by Tansy Hoskins in August 2014, that allowed Jourdan Dunn to grace UK Vogue's cover for 2015. The US Vogue covers are dominated by white actresses, as Hoskins said. You know, at least black models have the chance to grace the cover of a UK Vogue magazine, but they don't even have a hope or a prayer to even be considered to be on the cover of a US Vogue magazine! What are you really saying America? You're more racist than the UK? Oh, yes, you are because even the UK have made more advancements in race relations compared to you. I was surprised myself. I couldn't believe it but I'm going to show you the evidence in upcoming posts.

Do you notice, what I notice about what is being said about the white race being portrayed as the superior by the fashion industry? Although there were white models on the cover of UK Vogue that were basically non-existent outside the realm fashion, like Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell, they always would land the cover before them. This means a black woman has to achieve a lot to be on the same level as an ordinary white model. America, you're like Babylon. When Daniel and his three friends were in Babylon they had to be ten times better than the other Babylonians working for the king to even have the privilege of working alongside them in Daniel 1: 20. And let me tell you something, do you know why the Babylonians treated Daniel and his friends like this? They were slaves. They weren't considered to be natural equals to the Babylonians because they were slaves. You see, America, you still see black people as slaves and sub humans. It's the same reason why Obama have to work so hard in the White House because ah fi dem house and mek sure a dat when him in deh! Dem do all a dis afta di odda one fuck up every ting but him can do dat! Him have white privilege fi fuck up every ting and di black man come an fix up every ting fi him! Yes, black man haffi fix up wah white man fuck usual.  Dat's why mi haffi ask wah black people ah go do now when not even a half-white man good enough fi dem?!

 It's obvious that the fashion industry in the US is not immune from these racist attitudes. I am SICK AND TIRED OF THIS RACIST SHIT FROM THE FASHION INDUSTRY! Why don't they stop this shit!
I guess the reason why it is hard for the American fashion industry to let go of these racist attitudes is because some of the people who buy the fashion magazines complain about a particular person on the cover of the magazine, who happens to be a person of color. I remember when Beyonce was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, I didn't get a hold of that issue but I got a hold of the one after that issue. The issue even featured Kanye West inside of it. One person wrote the editor saying that that issue shows that the magazine is getting "too ghetto." And just imagine, with Beyonce's light skin and her blonde weaves, she's still not light enough for some people. She needs to lily white as the fresh driven snow. If Beyonce Knowles nuh good enough fi some people, I wonda wah black people a go do now?! I wonda what dem going to do now that the secret is out of the closet. Dem find out seh she nuh white, she black. And dem look inna closet dem find whole heap a blonde weave in deh! A wah black people a guh do now?!  I guess that's why when people see di trends that the fashion industry a set dat's why dem bleach dem skin!

Another reason is that black women are hard to light. Their skin tone absorbs light. Of course, they want people to think that modern technology hasn't advanced to the point where they can get some good lighting for their magazines. If Oprah's production team was able to do it and get an Emmy award for it, the fashion industry can do it, too!

Here comes another excuse: makeup artists in the fashion industry (such as the white gays) find it very hard to locate MAKEUP for black models so they can't be bothered to hire black models. They have to use the same makeup foundation for all models. Oh, is that right?! You know there's a popular foundation that these white gay makeup artists like to use on ALL black models, and its made by M.A.C. Cosmetics. It's called NC55. You know, what's reaaally funny, M.A.C. makes other foundations that are suitable for darker skin tones besides NC55. Oh yeah, that's right. Just look on their website. But before you do, let me name some others that they have NW 48, NW 50, NW 58, NW 43, N9 and C8. Them not being able to find foundation for darker skin tones is a lie that has no basis nor foundation!

 I don't know but I see a lot of makeup brands on the market now for people of color. Iman noted that she started her own makeup company because of this reason. There's also Black Radiance, Black Opal, BlackUp Cosmetics, B.L.A.C. mineral cosmetics. There's also Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger, Luminess Air, Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. Cosmetics. Florence Adepoju (who owns MDM Flow) makes lipsticks for women of color as well as Coloured Raine. Oh, don't take my word for it . Just look at Melanin Collective's post and Organic Beauty Talk's  . You'll find all the makeup brands for darker skin tones, so just knock your fucking self out! You know what's funny, there weren't so many makeup brands on the market available for women of color during Beverly Johnson and Iman's time but there were more black models working back then. I wonder how the make up artists back then managed? The only reason that I can think of that would explain why white makeup artists are not using the makeup brands that I'd just mentioned is because majority of the makeup brands are black owned. I just hope I'm wrong.

You know, I notice that it's not just black models that are excluded from the industry but there are other black creative professionals that are marginalized in the fashion industry as well. P. Diddy's line didn't last very long and he complained about being 'blackballed' by the industry on BET some years ago. A few black fashion designers have maintained some success in the industry throughout the years, such as Tracy Reese. There's a popular black owned high fashion brand, Cushnie Et Ochs, that's doing very well right now. But that's the exception not the rule in fashion. I also don't see a lot of black makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, fashion producers, etc. I see a lot white ones though, and most of them are gay. If they're really in the struggle with blacks, why are blacks so marginalized in the fashion industry where they have such a strong influence?

I don't even have time to talk about Hollywood. I have so many things to say right now about institutionalized racism in that industry, and how black actors and actress can hardly find work there. And, coincidentally, this is also another creative industry where the white gays pack up like sardines in a can but they seem to ensure that blacks (whether gay or straight) don't participate meaningfully in it. Well, it seems that way.... But you know all about the Sony Studios hacks right? So, I guess, it's appearing to be a racist industry. Yeah... and they also snubbed at the Academy Awards, for the most part, the actors, actresses, and the other creative professionals who made Selma, which was based on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. So, I guess, really  Hollywood IS racist! And fuck you Hollywood for choosing gay rights over black people rights.

Well, there's just to many things to say right now and I don't have enough time to say.  So I have to continue this blog post at another time. But at another time I will explain why African Americans can't live like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show. When I went up there I was shocked that the black people didn't live like the Huxtables. I thought at least the majority of them will be living like that. I think this was the most comedic  and funniest part of the Cosby Show: the fact that African Americans DON'T live like that in America. I think that was a sick, cruel, and twisted joke that America played on the whole wide world! They made us (especially black people living outside of America) think that black people, for the most part, were living over there like that.

I also think that America was using that to get people fi pay fi dem visa! Inna Jamaica afta wi watch di Cosby Show wi seh, "Yeah mon! Black people a live good ova deh so! Mi betta go hurry up and run down a di US embassy fi go get mi visa!" When yuh go up deh nuttin' like dat! Some people seh wi a live betta dan nuff a di black people dem ova deh! An some a dem seh dis too afta dem reach ova deh, "So a dis yah place yah everybody a kill dem self ova! Let me go hurry up an mi case an go back a mi yaad!" When yuh see di condishun of all di black people dem ova deh so inna di projects, yuh haffi wonda if America a di greatest country inna di worl' fi true. 

America, you think that racial equality is a joke just like Bill Cosby thought that raping all of those women was joke. Oh and on the topic of rape, that brings me to another point. I was trying find out what America was so great, you know. And guess what? I fought another great article. It's more of list than an article. It's called the "Top 10 Countries with the Maximum Rape Crimes" . The statistical data in this list was collected in 2014, such as what is indicated on the Bureau of Justice Statistics website . USA is number three on the 2014 list. On the 2015 list it is now second in the world. USA has improved compared to couple years ago when it was NUMBER 1! So, you're one of the greatest countries in the rape! USA!USA! USA! USA! GO USA! 

It's interesting but Jamaica is not one that list but on the local news in my country it was reported that there has been that recently there was an uptick in the number of women who own licensed firearms. This is because Jamaican women learn sense now! Amnesty Caribbean showed with the help of their research conducted in 2005 showed that the incidence of rape was very high. I could get a hold of some statistics comparing the the incidence of rape in Jamaica with other Caribbean countries in this article at IB Times . The article stated that in 2011, the "rate of rapes per 100,000" in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was 52.1, "compared to 30.8" in Bahamas and "29.6 in Jamaica." The most recent statistics related to rape I'm having a problem online. I will have to go to government agency to access that. The Access to Information Act allows that but that information is not readily accessible online right now. However, on my local news the Minister of Justice reported that although there has been an increase in murders, other crimes (including rape crimes) have recently seen a significant decrease. But I don't have the statistics to show you. I have the 2013 statistics though that I got from the Jamaica Information Service website that said this
In the case of serious and violent crimes, inclusive of murder, shooting, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, break-ins, and larceny, there were 172 per 100,000 persons for January to June this year, 10.6 per cent less than the 192 per 100,000 over the similar period in 2012.
So as I said before, Jamaican women learn sense now. A full time now American women learn sense and get a licensed firearm and learn self defense techniques! I notice something else on that rape list. I notice another country is NOT there: Mexico! So Donald Trump is wrong for demonizing a nation that has primarily people of color living there and calling them rapists! It appears as if America has more racists...oh sorry...rapists than Mexico! 

And please note that these are the same Mexicans, and undocumented Mexicans at that, helping to build Trump's hotel in NYC as we speak! He said on CNN that it's not his fault, it's subcontractors' fault. He DOESN'T have any control over what they do. But somehow he's going to have control over the number of undocumented immigrants coming into America when he's president! All he has to do is build a wall! And he mentions nothing about policy initiatives that plans to implement! Oh my God! This man is a fucking joke! He provides too much material for the late night talk show hosts to work with! I'll let them continue to do their work! 

But I will say this, it is NOT Mexico that is bringing its problems to the US. As I mentioned in my previous post, Thank God I'm Heaven!, it is US that is bringing its problems to Mexico with its lax gun control policies. Anybody and dem mumma can buy gun from private gun dealers without doing a background check at the gun fair! I want to correct something that I said about Mexico having the highest crime rate in the world currently. Actually, that's not true. A Mexican city, Cuidad Juarez, had the highest crime rate for a city in the world couple of years ago. The most recent list showing the the most violent cities in the world can be found in a Business Insider article. There are several Mexican cities on there though, including Juarez. You won't be surprised that Kingston, Jamaica is on there. But I was surprised that the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD had several cities on there! Wow America! You're great at so many things! Wow I'm beginning to see how great you truly are! 

There are no gun fairs in Jamaica or Mexico! There's no National Rifle Association (NRA) in Mexico or Jamaica. But the people who are not supposed to get the guns still end up getting them. I know in Jamaica, we don't make guns here. I'm sure that Mexico doesn't make guns but I will double check. Yet the guns keep on coming! 

Donald Trump, immigrants in most case, and this is separate and apart from the case in San Francisco, don't commit violent crimes while they're there. Do you know why Donald Trump? They don't want to get deported. They try to be as squeaky clean as possible! And Donald Trump you're being very hypocritical and two-faced just like the racist section of your country, which is a very large section. You NEED those undocumented immigrants because you can pay them anything you want to do jobs that most Americans don't want and don't like to do. If they were all documented and if the government decided to raise the minimum wage, you have to pay them that amount. 

But I'm not surprised that Donald Trump is leading in the polls now. You know what I'm surprised about? Why did he take so long to lead the polls? America is built for a person like him: a rich, white, old man. I wasn't even surprised when Trump led by double digits after he dissed John McCain for being locked up as Prisoner of War (POW) and losing to a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama. He said that they (the Republicans) were very disappointed and that he wasted his 1 million dollars and he doesn't like losers. When Donald Trump keeps on speaking his mind and giving voice to the xenophobic base (a very HUGE base) of his party like that he's going to get rewards. Trump had the nerve to tell McCain off for losing to a black guy called Barack Hussein Obama! Oh that xenophobic base LOOOOVE that! They just can't get enough of him! 

Yes,  Mr Hot Shot Donald Trump (yes, I know some American slangs although I live in Jamaica...I have cable remember), yes Mr. Hot Shot, just continue with that belligerent tone. You know, countries like China, are going to love that very much. You know, Donald Trump, you might think that is okay to talk down to third world governments, such as the Mexican government, and accuse them of sending illegal aliens to fuck up your country, but there are certain countries you can't talk to like that. Uhmm umm, no sir. They will DESTROY America! You see, Donald Trump, the world has changed a lot and America has changed a lot. The tables have really TURNED for America. When America comes to the bargaining table it is no longer at the same position that it was during Reagan's administration or even before after it had won the Second World War. Things have changed, Trump! Things have changed a whole lot! The first has become last and the last has become first. Head has become the tail and the tail the head. The lender has become the borrower and the borrower the lender. America is no longer holding the proverbial handle anymore, it's holding the blade now. So in international negotiations (especially as it pertains to international trade) America nuh have no chat fi some countries! 

This is because America owes a shit load of money! Ten billion dollars can't pay back the money Donald Trump. If you tell America's creditors that 10 billion dollars to pay them, they laugh you to scorn! Those two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were VEEERRRY expensive and whole heap a money did haffi borrow! A nuh penny coppa nor 10 billion dollars it cost fi have dem two war deh! We are looking at Donald Trump, TRILLIONS of dollars, NOT billions! Not all of it was America's money, some of that money had to be borrowed. The creditors are getting really antsy about their money. Yes, you are a billionaire but there's no trillionaire living on earth. 

So, rich, white, old Donald Trump a go do now when the creditors dem want back dem money and dem nah go accept 10 billion dollars?! Dat belligerent tone won't work with them at the negotiating table because they have the upper well as other things. America is in a VERY different position than it was during Reagan's time! Maybe that belligerent tone can work inside of your country but it definitely can't work outside of it. Donald Trump, your money has a lot talk INSIDE but not outside of it. Ten billion dollars can't save America now...especially NOT ten billion American dollars. Let you chew on that just a moment Donald Trump!

Well, America is saying it's SOOOO great but some people behind the scenes know the truth. America knows how to put on a big show. It knows how to deceive. It knows how to pretend to be something that it's not. It knows how to use its false light very well to distract and delude people. Even how it records history at times shows this. 

I was watching something related to the women's World Cup a man mentioned that England didn't beat America in 1776 and they sure can't beat them now! But what about the War of 1812 when the British colonists living in Canada along with the Native American Indians living there kicked the Americans' asses and burned down the White House?! Wow, you really have a selective memory America, especially when you're boosting up your ego! 

I know what else Britain beats you at, America. Not only do they have a team of female footballers but they also have a team of female leaders throughout history who have helped to rule their country! You know, Britain is over that shit that says a woman's hormones and her period will prevent her from leading. There were over it especially during the 1600s. Queen Elizabeth I ushered England into its golden age and ruled it better than some dudes. And how old do you say you are America? Two hundred and thirty nine years old! And you still don't have your first female leader, huh?! Yes, you sure are great at something! You are great at bullshitting the whole world that you're for equality! 

Well, Britain keep calm and carry on and continue to allow female leaders to lead your country at the highest levels! Oh yeah! I knew I forgot something....When America enters its dictatorship then it will turn, turn, turn, turn, turn back to its former colonial master for financial assistance.

All of a sudden America is for women now when it won the women's World Cup for the third time this year. It was after they had won the third time that everybody decided to allow this team, which is the first female team, to have a ticker tape parade in New York. It's interesting that this is the team has only one black player one it who Neymar's sister. It is almost as if they wanted him to say, "My team didn't win the World Cup but my sister did playing for the US!" I think that there was only one reason they chose that black player to be on the team: her looks. Oh, there's another reason: tokenism. Oh well! We can't expect America to overcome sexism and racism all at the same time! That will be a little bit of a stretch!

We can't keep our hopes up too high when it comes to America! The whole world did it when America voted in Obama but it's dashed pieces now when we see the police brutality against black people and the hate crime at Mother Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.

America, your players on your team wasn't the only team that broke a record at the women's World Cup. Another player from another team broke a record but, of course, you're not going to mention her. Her name is Marta and she's on the Brazilian team. She scored the most goals compared to any other player at a women's World Cup.You're not going to mention her she's Latina and, horror of horrors, she's old! But all of your young spring chickens dem (that are young and primarily white) yuh focus on!

Well, America you don't surprise me one bit! To help you with your mental preparation with your dictatorship just read George Orwell's books, 1984 and Animal Farm, especially  1984! Racist America will like that book, it has swastikas flying everywhere! You better hurry up and read it now because in your dictatorship you won't be allowed to. It will be banned by then.

 You know EVERYBODY has an intuitive intelligence but some people's intuitive intelligence work over time, like Nostradamus's and Jonathan Hansen's. You don't have to be in church for it to work over time. Sometimes secular people have an overactive intuitive intelligence, like George Orwell. I know George Orwell is an atheist but that didn't stop God from talking to him through his intuitive intelligence. If there is anything such as an atheist prophet, George Orwell will be it!

George Orwell knew working as a colonial officer in Burma that certain rights were in danger of  not being safeguarded or secured if people were not allowed to think and challenge certain concepts and ideologies. American citizens have to learn to think for themselves and not allow people to brainwash you into accepting shit!  America, if you intend to be truly the greatest country in the world then you have to earn that and allow the world to say that about you! Don't say that about yourself! If you are for equality then demonstrate it! There's no need to come up with any slogans! George Orwell, he hated slogans because it caused people to think like robots or automatons instead of human beings.

America, you don't understand. Many of you are like mentally controlled puppets. You're being dictated to but it is on the subconscious and unconscious levels. You can't help behave like how you behave or choose not to help it because it's just too hard! So you just go with the flow. You just accept institutionalized racism and you're cool with it!

Slogans, which you don't think about and analyze, can control your mind and prevent you from seeing the truth of what is going on if you're not careful! You said that you're "one nation under God" but you don't believe in God. You are a nihilistic, secular, pagan, existentialist and hedonistic society. You're NOT a Christian society. So you can take that out now. You need to amend that, too. You said that, "these truths are self evident that all men [and didn't mention women] are created equal under God" but you called a group of people three-fifths of a complete person, and said that was a "compromise." So, if it's not a compromise then these people would be seen as nobodies, nothing.

That's why oonu have to amend oonu Constitution so often. Di some ting neva write good! There was a lot of amending going on in Animal Farm, which is an allegorical presentation of the Russian Revolution. The animals after they took over the farm from the humans had all of this talk about equality. They had ten laws. The leaders of the farm were the first ones to break the laws. They reduced the number of laws until they left one: "All animals are equal but some more equal than others."

That's what's going on in America right now! Everybody is equal but some are more equal than others. The whites have all the rights but the non-whites have nothing!

I know that a lot of you people are having hard time believing that what I'm saying is the truth and that this will ever happen to the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! That's so funny because when Nostradamus and Hansen both prophesied the 9/11 attacks in New York seven months in advance people were saying the same thing. Prophet Hansen got the worst of it. They laughed him to scorn, and said that he was crazy, and that he was fucking delusional! But the funny thing is, the REALLY funny thing is that it ALL happened. Then everybody began to think, "Well, I guess Prophet Hansen wasn't a crazy nut job after all!" You know, if Prophet Hansen was a Jamaican he would have probably said, "You fucking ungrateful and disrespectful. Mi neva haffi tell oonu nutten! So stan deh deh an bun up inna fucking hell!" You know, some prophets know that the majority of Americans are disrespectful and ungrateful so they didn't even waste their time warning America. They just packed up and left. That's a bad sign, America; that is, when prophets leave a country. It's like a flock of birds flying to warmer climates when winter is just around the corner! Your winter time is coming, America! It's not everybody who has the ability to foresee certain things and warn gives any warning America because not everybody loves America! As for myself I barely can tolerate America. But I'm just doing what Jah Jah tell me to do.  

Wow! These things can really happen to the great US of A. Imagine that! Imagine that even though international law will allow USA to get away with murdering people in Santiago, Chile during its military coup on September 11, 1973, God didn't allow America to get away with it! Imagine that!

Maybe, Donald Trump DOES deserve to be your dictator. After all, his name is already written on everything and he has the ego to match! He's the very physical embodiment of America! He doesn't believe in repenting but he wants to build, and build...and build...and build. He's just like you America instead of repenting after 9/11, all you want to do is build... and build... and build... and boost your ego!

Well, I have too many things to say about America. I have to continue this next time around.

This song by Bob Marley "No More Slogans" was dug up by his son Ziggy Marley in Jamaica. It's a very rarely heard song. Very few people outside of Jamaica know it. This song PERFECT! I think this is one of his best songs. It's a shame that many people don't know about it! I'm not going to change anything about it because this song is so perfect! The world is tired of your slogans and hypocrisy, America! We're tired and fed up of it!

Lyrics to SlogansCan't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more.

Wipe out the paintings of slogans
all over the streets,
confusing the people
while your asphalt burns our tired feet.
I see borders and barriers,
segregation, demonstration and riots,*
a-sufferation of the refugees,
oh-oh, when, when will we be free?

Oh-oh-oh, we can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
no more sweet talk from-a grime pit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites.

So we know we can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
can't take your slogans no more,
no more sweet talk from-a pulpit,
no more sweet talk from the pulpit.

No more sweet talk from-a grime pit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites,
no more sweet talk from-a grime pit,
no more sweet talk
from the hypocrites,
no more sweet talk from-a grimepit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites

Songwriter: Bob Marley

* These lyrics are self-explanatory and perfect. Didn't I say that before? They are perfect but I want to add something when the American government decides to seize people's assets then there will be a lot riots and demonstrations, and looting. What you saw happen couple months ago in Baltimore and Missouri, that's child's play. The segregation already exists but it will worsen as I will explain in my next post! If you don't believe me and you think that I'm bullshitting you, then as I said before, you can ALWAYS stay!

Six Steps to Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now

Author: Eve Delunas

Six Steps To Stop Self-Sabotage Now
Copyright � 2005 Eve Delunas, Ph.D.
Inner Vision Resources

Are you a captive of your past? Or have you released the past
and liberated yourself from its hold on you? When you refuse
to allow your history to imprison you, you choose a path of
self-determination. Letting go of the past is your personal
"declaration of independence" from anything in your earlier
years that could limit your creative potential or prevent you
from living your best life.

How can you tell if past events are still having a negative
effect on you today? Here are three signs to look for:

1. Certain situations trigger extreme, out-of-control emotional
reactions. It feels as if you go on "auto-pilot" and have
little or no control over the way you feel or behave once
certain internal buttons have been pushed. For example, Marta
trembles with fear at the thought of asserting herself with
her boss, who overburdens Marta with an excessive workload.
Joe goes into a rage when he believes he is being accused of
making an error, however insignificant. Ben is consumed with
jealousy when he catches his girlfriend smiling at a stranger.

2. All of the logical solutions and practical approaches to
changing your out-of-control reactions have failed. Your head
may say "this is ridiculous" but you can't stop yourself from
over-reacting with anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, or
jealousy to a situation that just doesn't merit that kind of
emotional energy.

3. You keep making the same unhealthy choices over and over
again. Although you may vow that you are going to set a new
course, your default mode is set on self-destruct. You can't
seem to keep yourself from repeating the same mistakes-even
though you know better. Elizabeth continues to have
relationships with married men, despite of years of heartache
from other married lovers. Mark lies to his manager and
coworkers, although that behavior led to Mark's dismissal
from his last two jobs.

What can you do if you are under the negative spell of your past?
Here are some steps you can take which will neutralize the effect
that the past has on you:

1. Reclaim your power by refusing to think of yourself as a
victim. This does not mean you deny the bad things that have
happened to you. Rather, it means you embrace your wholeness
rather than your brokenness. Everything you have lived has
strengthened your psychological immune system. Recognize your
capacity to thrive in spite of the hardships that have come
your way, and watch your life begin to mirror your more
empowered sense of Self.

2. Retire your need to blame anyone-including your self-for
your present unhappiness. Blame only weighs you down with
unnecessary baggage that inhibits you from moving forward.
Release blame and feel yourself lighten up.

3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Everybody makes
them-that's how we learn. Stop berating yourself with your
so-called failures, and use that extra energy to create the
life you desire today.

4. Make peace with your past. If certain unpleasant memories
still hold a high degree of emotional charge, let a qualified
therapist assist you in healing those wounds to loosen the
psychological hold those traumatic episodes have on you.

5. Change the thoughts you entertain about yourself. Monitor
your mental landscape to avoid habitual, self-limiting ways
of thinking. When you catch yourself engaging in old thought
patterns like, "I don't deserve to be happy" or "I'm not good
enough," deliberately choose new thoughts that feel better to

6. Stop using your past as a point of comparison to your present
and future. No matter what you have lived before, today can
be different. Instead of focusing on how your life has been,
place your attention on how you want your life to be. Keep
your eye on the road ahead rather than the one behind you,
and watch your life take you to the places you have dreamed
of going!

As you let go of your past, you free yourself to live the life
you truly desire. Step into the Now, and discover the unlimited
potential for joy that awaits you there.

Eve Delunas, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author, speaker, trainer
Offers proven strategies to help you rise above your limitations
and soar. Breaking the Spell of the Past--Book and Guided
Visualization CD set. Take a FREE QUIZ to find out if you are
SPELLBOUND by your past. Download a FREE guided meditation to
relieve stress and feel more peaceful. Sign up for a FREE monthly
Go to:
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Occupation: psychotherapist
Eve Delunas, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author, speaker, trainer. Offers proven strategies to help you rise above your limitations and soar. Breaking the Spell of the Past--Book and Guided Visualization CD set. Take a FREE QUIZ to find out if you are SPELLBOUND by your past. Download a FREE guided meditation to relieve stress and feel more peaceful. Sign up for a FREE monthly ezine called AWAKENING INNER VISION: RESOURCES FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.
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Solutions for Shyness

Solutions For Shyness

Solutions For Shyness

Author: Royane Real
Most people experience some degree of shyness from time to time in certain situations. In fact, only about 7% of the population claims that they never feel shy. For the rest of us, shyness can range from being an occasional, minor inconvenience, to being a major problem.

Some people however, are afflicted with a degree of shyness so severe that it is almost disabling. This type of acute shyness is not only very painful to experience, but it can have devastating effects on a person's social life, happiness, and career.

Severe shyness is a complex mix of biology, upbringing, traumatic experiences, and negative self-talk. Severe shyness can co-exist with other debilitating psychological conditions such as low self-esteem, perfectionism, depression and anxiety.

Extreme shyness can take many forms, and can show up differently in different people. Some very shy people have problems being in large gatherings, yet feel comfortable in small groups. Some shy people only feel acute discomfort with persons they have just met, while others are never comfortable around people, even those they have known a long time.

Psychiatrists and psychologists use the term "social anxiety disorder" to describe extremely debilitating shyness. There isn't complete agreement about whether severe, disabling social anxiety disorder is simply a more severe type of shyness, or whether it is another type of disorder altogether.

Some very shy people are able to overcome their fears by learning social skills and practicing them frequently in social situations. Many also find it useful to gain some measure of control over their uncomfortable physical reactions such as sweating and trembling, by using special relaxation techniques and bio-feedback training.

Many very shy people deal with their extreme anxiety by simply avoiding any social situations that might trigger their discomfort. This may mean turning down invitations to parties and other social events, crossing the street in order to avoid running into someone they know, and even turning down promotions at work.

Although avoiding the feared situation may seem to the shy person like the perfect solution, it actually makes the problem worse in the long run. Every time a shy person chooses to avoid social interaction, he reinforces in his mind how much he fears dealing with other people. By choosing the short-term benefit of avoiding his anxious feelings, he reinforces the power that his fear holds over him

Psychologists who specialize in the treatment of shyness disorders have discovered that avoiding social situations can actually make the problem worse. Many psychologists who treat people afflicted by shyness recommend a program of repeated and gradually increasing exposure to the feared situation, combined with helping the client learn new ways of thinking.

Various psychological therapies have been used to treat extreme shyness, most of them with limited success. The most successful approaches use some variation of cognitive therapy, or behavioral therapy, or both of these, combined with graduated and increasing exposure to the feared situation.

In cognitive therapy, the patient is taught to notice the thoughts he is thinking while he is in the feared situation. The client learns to challenge his thoughts to see if they fit reality. If these thoughts do not match the reality, the client is taught to substitute more realistic thoughts in their place.

Behavioral therapy aims to change the client's behavior using a program of positive reinforcement of the desired behavior, and negative reinforcement of the undesired behavior.

Both cognitive therapy and behavior therapy focus on teaching the client to deal with situations and symptoms in the present. Neither form of therapy delves into situations in the client's distant past. Those forms of psychotherapy that attempt to deal with shyness by delving into the client's past history have not been shown to be effective. in cognitive therapy techniques.

There are many books that can teach the reader to effectively use cognitive therapy techniques for both depression and loneliness. If your case is not particularly severe, you can often learn enough from reading a book and doing the recommended exercises to greatly relieve your symptoms of shyness or depression. Dr. David Burns, one of the pioneers in bringing cognitive therapy to a wider audience, has written several very useful books and workbooks for the general public, including "Intimate Connections" and "Feeling Good--the New Mood Therapy."

In the past decade, researchers have discovered that some anti-depressant medications, particularly the so-called SSRI's (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), can also be very helpful in the treatment of extreme shyness. One of these SSRI drugs, Paxil, was the first to receive American F.D.A. approval as an effective treatment for social anxiety. In fact, ads for Paxil as a treatment for social anxiety have been marketed directly to the public, not just to doctors. Other anti-depressant drugs in the SSRI group are also believed to help in reliving social anxiety.

Does drug treatment for shyness really work? Some very socially anxious people have tried everything that regular psychotherapy has to offer, including cognitive therapy, yet they still suffer debilitating symptoms of shyness until they try SSRI drugs. In some cases, the improvement in sociability after taking SSRI drugs can be swift and profound. This class of drugs seems to help the socially anxious person turn down the excessive volume of their inner judgmental thoughts.

If you are shy or socially anxious, should you take a pill to make you more friendly? There are pros and cons to be considered when deciding whether or not to take a drug for social anxiety. The SSRI drugs can cause nervous agitation, insomnia, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction, as well as many other less common side effects.

Some doctors and psychologists are concerned that a normal human trait, shyness, has been declared a medical condition requiring expensive pharmaceutical intervention. Because the SSRI drugs are relatively new, it is not yet known what the long-term effects of this class of drugs may be. Nevertheless, the SSRI drugs are very widely prescribed, particularly in North America, for depression and social anxiety.

The difference in shyness experienced with drug therapy can be quite astounding, but it will likely last only as long as the drug is taken on a regular basis. When the drug is discontinued, the symptoms of shyness will likely reappear. With the proper psychotherapy for shyness, the positive results are likely to be long lasting.

In most locations it is easier to find a doctor who will prescribe SSRI medication to combat shyness than it is to find a counselor trained in the use of therapy effective in treating shyness disorders.

This article is an excerpt from the new downloadable book by Royane Real titled "Your Guide to Finding Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends" available at
Occupation: writer
Royane Real is the author of several self help books including